Drowning you out….

I’m not really drowning someone, but just the annoying noises.

So my house is a corner house and my neighbors across the street, (not the ones we like, and my brothers girlfriend, but the other one)they have like 20 kids in two houses and they are all friends so after school they hangout out front. Since my dad wants the window’s open since it is so nice outside I have to listen to these yahoos. And they are so freaking annoying because they just got a new mini bike and they fight over who is going to work on it about what should be done to it. Not only that but they talk in Spanish, I have nothing wrong with Hispanics but when they are outside for hours making loud noises and being little turds that’s when I have a problem.

Still not drowning anyone, just trying to drown out their noise making and their voices with music. What’s on right now:


Love both of these songs so much! Never going to get tired of them!

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