So lately I haven’t been to fond of the Disney channel singers or shows or any of that because of how some of them ended up turning out *cough Miley Cyrus *cough.

I just watched this video and it is honestly just amazing, no words to describe it.

So many people were talking about how it’s so inspiring and I was like why haven’t I heard it before? I never knew the title, who sang it, the words any of it; I just knew of people singing it and talking about how it’s so good. I saw a screen shot of the video and words at the bottom and googled it and google told me what the name is so I went to YouTube and saw it there. I just wish I saw it sooner.

I don’t want my niece to have Miley Cyrus or anyone like that to be her role model but the way that Demi is turning around her life after being through so much, I would have no problem with my niece looking up to her.

Plus I love her cross tattoo.

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1 Response to Skyscraper

  1. I agree, I love this song, it’s really powerful and her journey is inspiring!

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